An Alternate Reality

I. What is “Real”?

A. How can we tell if something is real? Why do we have so much trouble knowing what is real?

  1. Reality TV: Survivor, American Idol, House, Dancing With The Stars, Bad Show With Washed Up Stars
  2. Virtual Reality Video games
  3. Five senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Small, Taste

B. This morning we are going to talk a little about what is our reality.

II. Genesis 1:1a - “In the beginning God created…”

A. We would like to think we can create

  1. We grow things from seeds
  2. We reshape, repurpose elements in nature to form new stuff but we actually do not create

B. Genesis 1:2 - God brought into existence a “reality” from nothing

  1. Genesis 1:3 – God created light
  2. Genesis 1:6 – God created the sky
  3. Genesis 1:9 & 1:11 – God created the land and plants
  4. Genesis 1:14 – God created the Sun, Moon, Stars and with that he created Time and Seasons
  5. Genesis 1:20 – God created Birds and Fish
  6. Genesis 1:24 & 1:27– God created Animals & Man

C. Genesis 2:8-9 – God’s reality included a special (perfect) garden for man in Eden; It included trees pleasing to the eye and good for food; it also included two special trees (Life & Knowledge)

D. “In the beginning…” this was man’s reality

III. Man cast into an “Alternate Reality”

A. Genesis 2 – Goes into a restatement of the creation of Man

  1. Genesis 2:15-17 – man was put into the garden as the caretaker with special instructions to not eat from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”

B. Genesis 3 – The fall of man

  1. Snake deceives woman; causes her to question God’s conventional wisdom
  2. Woman tempts man into eating from the tree of life against God’s will;
  3. Eyes are opened to their nakedness;
  4. Genesis 3:8-10 - They hide in garden (sin causes us to want to hide from God)

C. Genesis 3:23-24 – God punishes man by kicking him out of the garden and burdening his life with his toil

D. Genesis 3:17-19 - The Alternate Reality that God cast man into

E. This is not the “Reality” that God intended (hopes) for us; this is the reality of the Fallen man

IV. Through our own sinful nature we are also cast into this Alternate Reality

A. Romans 7:14-21 – Difficulty in controlling the sinful nature within us

B. Magic Eye Example

  1. Art? Not Van Gogh, Rodin, Monet
  2. John 12:37-40 - Man is too busy staring at the chaos of the reality around him to see the reality that God; trying to make themselves part of the chaos.

V. Through Jesus we are invited back into the Garden

A. God’s reality has existed since creation of the “Garden”

B. We must strive to be people of the “Garden”

C. John 3:1-3 – No one can see the Kingdom unless they are born again

D. I Peter 1:22-23 – You have been born again

  1. “A do ever” – We get a second chance